About Us

Saving more lives. With ethnically diverse cord blood units.

To produce quality cord blood units through internationally accredited practices to improve transplant outcomes, support cellular therapy and related research.


SCBB is the first and only community cord blood bank in Singapore, established in 2005. A non-profit organisation committed to saving lives through serving the needs of patients and the community, SCBB has a proven track record on reliability and quality for cord blood banking.

From October 2017, SCBB will provide community cord blood banking, a comprehensive cord blood banking service which includes cord blood donation and family banking. Public cord blood banking remains SCBB’s top priority and key focus, with family cord blood banking being offered as an added service.

SCBB has successfully facilitated 131* cord blood transplants in Singapore and in 16* other countries across the world. An internationally Accredited Cord Blood Bank of Asian Ethnicity, SCBB adheres to stringent and internationally accredited standards for the collection, processing, banking and distribution of cord blood units. With all obstetric hospitals in Singapore participating in its public cord blood donation programme, SCBB has a public cord blood inventory of over 13,000* units readily available for a life-saving transplant.

*As of 31 Mar 2023.