Consent Process

The consent process is the same for cord blood donation and family cord blood banking. Relevant forms will be used, depending on your chosen cord blood banking option.

The process can be completed in 3 simple steps:

Step 1:
Speak with your ObGyn (Delivering Doctor) and/or Donor Coordinator on your intention to store cord blood with SCBB


Every pregnancy is different. Your ObGyn will be able to advise if the condition of your existing pregnancy is suitable for cord blood collection. The cord blood collection process is the same for cord blood donation or family storage. Clear, balanced and unbiased information is provided here to enable parents to make an informed decision. Your attending ObGyn (or a midwife/nurse) will collect the cord blood on behalf of the SCBB.

Step 2:
Contact SCBB at 6394-5011 for Pre-Screening Evaluation


You will be required to go through a donor pre-screening evaluation over the telephone with a Donor Coordinator. You will be asked health questions relating to you and your baby’s health, including your spouse, immediate and extended families’ health conditions. There are different criteria for cord blood donation and family storage. You may also choose to complete the Pre-screening Evaluation here.

After the pre-screening evaluation, an appointment will be scheduled for the Informed Consent process.

Step 3:
Meet Donor Coordinator to complete the Informed Consent Process


SCBB has strict criteria for cord blood storage to ensure all collected cord blood units meet the safe medical standard for cord blood transplants. You will be required to sign an Informed Consent before the cord blood is collected.

These 3 steps must be completed before the onset of labour or admission into hospital for delivery.

We encourage parents to make your decision early to enable us to provide assistance through the process of making an informed choice.