Research Scientists

SCBB supports research on Cord Blood stem cells and its application in Haematopoietic Stem Cell transplantation to benefit and improve transplant outcome for patients. As part of the donor consent process, donated cord blood units which do not meet the requirements for transplant will be used for approved research. This is approved and endorsed by SingHealth Centralized Institutional Review Board (CIRB Ref. No: 2004/801/D). CIRB is a governance body responsible for reviewing, approving and monitoring human biomedical and behavioural research, under the purview of the regulatory requirement of Ministry of Health, Singapore.

The specific studies for which cord blood units may be used is not determined at the time of consent. The list of studies in which these cord blood units may be included but are not limited to, are follows:

  • Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant
  • Cell isolation and characterization from Cord Blood
  • Molecular Biology of Haematopoietic Progenitor cells
  • Ex vivo expansion of Haematologic Progenitor cells

SCBB Research Advisory Ethics Committee (RA-EC) provides guidance on ethics and quality. The Committee also directs initiatives for leading technology in the effective management and research of cord blood.

Research Advisory Ethics Committee (RA-EC) comprises:

  • Ms Jane Prior – Chairperson
  • Prof Dario Campana – Member
  • A/ Prof Edward Manser – Member
  • A/ Prof Victor Nurcombe – Member
  • A/ Prof William Hwang – Member

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