Mandy Loh

Mandy is a resident blogger with I Love Children, an online parenthood portal that encourages a child-friendly, pro-family environment in Singapore.

Mandy first chanced upon information about cord blood donation while waiting for an obstetrician’s appointment during her first pregnancy. Intrigued by the idea of being able to donate cord blood, Mandy did extensive research about cord blood and its banking options. With the knowledge and information, Mandy and her husband decided to donate their first child’s cord blood to the Singapore Cord Blood Bank (SCBB) where it will be accessible to the community.

A strong advocate of cord blood donation, Mandy has blogged about the importance of having a public cord blood inventory as a life-saving resource for patients in need. In her words “Imagine – if everybody donated their baby’s cord blood at birth, people in need of transplants would have a much better chance of finding a suitable match, thereby increasing the usefulness of each stored unit.”

Mandy demonstrated her active advocacy again with the donation of her second child’s cord blood. She continues to encourage every expectant mother to consider cord blood donation, saying “The birth of a child is such a wonderful moment. Make it even more special by giving the gift of life to another person in need! Donate your baby's cord blood!”