Community Cord Blood Banking

Community Cord Blood Banking is a comprehensive and holistic approach to cord blood banking provided by SCBB. It comprises public cord blood donation and family cord blood banking services (with the option of potential donation in future). While SCBB remains committed to our mission of saving lives with a focus on public cord blood donation, family cord blood banking is a service for parents who choose to store for their family. SCBB is committed to provide clear, balanced and impartial information to enable parents to make an informed decision.

SCBB Community Cord Blood Banking offers the following services:

  1. Public Cord Blood Donation

    Donate your baby's cord blood to the public bank.

  2. Family Cord Blood Banking

    A service for you to store your baby's cord blood for your family

    • If you are ineligible for public donation based on medical and family history.
    • If your baby’s donated cord blood does not meet the public banking criteria for unrelated cord blood transplants.
    • If you choose not to donate your baby’s cord blood
    • OR if you wish to defer the option of donation to a later date.

For expectant mothers and their spouses who are interested in cord blood banking should speak with their ObGyn (Delivering Physician).

Register with us now
You may register online for Public Cord Blood Donation and Family Cord Blood Banking. Alternatively, you may wish to contact SCBB directly at 6394-5011 or

Operating Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 5:30pm

Saturday: Strictly by appointment only

Sunday: Closed

Public Holidays: Closed

Success Stories

SCBB beneficiaries received a new lease on life thanks to selfless and generous SCBB cord blood donors. Read their individual stories.