Distribution (Release) of SCBB CBUs to Transplant Centres 

When the Transplant Centre finds a suitable match for their patients from the SCBB, a Confirmatory HLA typing for the CBU is required before the distribution (release) of the CBU. The cryopreserved CBU(s) are transported in a liquid nitrogen cooled dry cryoshipper that contains adequately absorbed liquid nitrogen and has been validated to maintain a temperature of -150ÂșC or colder, for about two (2) days for Local shipments; five (5) days for Regional shipments and at least ten (10) days for International shipments. This is to cater for any unexpected event that may delay the shipment beyond the expected time of arrival due to customs clearance in the different countries.

SCBB works closely with a validated and appointed specialist courier service that will ensure that the cryopreserved CBU(s) in the dry cryoshipper are not compromised and that the cord blood delivery is traceable at any point, from the time it leaves the SCBB to the destination point. The dry cryoshipper continuously monitors temperature throughout the transportation period. During the transportation, the lid of the dry cryoshipper and the lid of the outer container are locked and secured to ensure the safety of the CBU.

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The requested CBU is located and retrieved from the Long-Term Cryopreservation Tank.  The identification of the CBU is verified by two Laboratory Technicians and the Search Coordinator. The verified CBU is transferred into a rack and placed in the cryoshipper. The temperature within the cryoshipper is kept below -150 Degree Celsius.  The temperature is monitored during the entire shipment from the time the cryoshipper leaves SCBB until the time the cryoshipper arrives at the Transplant Centre. The cryoshipper is then locked with a numeric padlock to ensure that the CBU is secured and not tempered with during transportation. The cryoshipper is then placed in a protective container during transportation. The appointed specialised courier service will deliver the cryoshipper with the requested CBU to the Transplant Centre accompanied by the necessary documents.