Searches from Registries / Transplant Physicians / Transplant Centres

For International Registries, transplant physician(s) and/or transplant centre(s) who may wish to search the SCBB’s Cord Blood Unit Inventory directly, the following information is required in order to expedite the search.
  1. Patient’s Full Name
  2. Patient’s Identification Number
  3. Patient’s Date of Birth / Age
  4. Patient’s Current Weight
  5. Patient’s Diagnosis
  6. Patient’s Date of Diagnosis
  7. Patient’s HLA Details (with HLA-A, B, DRB1 at Intermediate/High-Resolution)
  8. Name of Transplant Centre
  9. Name of Transplant Physician
  10. Name, Contact Number & Email of Transplant Coordinator
Alternatively, the SCBB Cord Blood Unit Search Request Form can be completed and signed by the patient’s transplant physician. Once this is completed, the form with the patient’s HLA report in intermediate/high-resolution can be emailed to or faxed to (65) 6394-5013.

SCBB will not be able to process Cord Blood Searches for HLA typing in low-resolution.