Processing and Cryopreservation of CBUs

In the Processing Laboratory, the total nucleated cell (TNC) count and cell viability (i.e. >90% of counted cells should be ‘alive’) will be evaluated for suitability before processing. At the SCBB, one of three processing methods is used. The manual processing method involving Volume Reduction and Red Blood Cell Depletion (using Hydroxyethyl Starch), Prepacyte-CB  and the latest fully automated technology using the SEPAX® Cord Blood Processing System from BioSafe SA.

Volume Reduction and Red Blood Cell Depletion

The SCBB uses the most common and recognised method of cord blood processing; using a centrifugation process in a closed sterile system. All cord blood processing in the SCBB is done in an aseptic condition. After aliquots of blood are extracted for routine tests, Hydorxyethyl Starch solution or Prepacyte-CB are mixed with the collected cord blood, allowed for sedimentation and centrifuged so that the blood will be divided into two layers, plasma with White Blood Cells (WBC) and Red Blood Cells (RBC). After the final process, the remaining product, now called a Cord Blood Unit (CBU), is a 25ml white blood cell concentrate.

In the Processing Laboratory
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
The total nucleated cells (TNC) from the collected umbilical cord blood calculated by a cell counter machine. Cell viability by a Laboratory Technician to determine the number of live cells required for processing. All cord blood units are processed in an aseptic condition. Sedimentation of the cord blood after centrifugation to remove the plasma and the red blood cells. The cord blood is processed by Sepax automated machine. 

SEPAX® Cord Blood Processing System

The SEPAX® Cord Blood Processing System is a fully automated closed and sterile processing system that efficiently harvests stem cells from cord blood with the highest recovery rate of above 86%.  It was the first fully automated, turn-key system that does not require additional equipment.  With a single-use processing kit, it allows for SCBB’s cord blood banking protocols to be programmed into the machine, increasing our efficiency, productivity and most importantly, improving the recovery rate – the final TNC of the processed cord blood unit. 

The SEPAX® Cord Blood Processing System is approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for cord blood processing.

PrepaCyte® CB Cord Blood Processing System

SCBB also uses FDA approved PrepaCyte® CB cord blood processing system.  When it comes to saving what matters most, the PrepaCyte CB cord blood processing system sets a clear new standard for both the quality and quantity of clinically important cells recovered.

The PrepaCyte CB cord blood processing system is a completely closed, 100% sterile system which minimises risk of environmental contamination.

PrepaCyte CB is the only FDA cleared cord blood processing system that utilises proprietary separation solution. It is an easy, reliable and efficient method to process cord blood for cryopreservation and transplantation.