Evaluation of SCBB Donated CBUs

Once the collected umbilical cord blood and the maternal samples are received at the SCBB, an initial documentation and verification will be conducted by our Nurse Coordinators.  After successfully passing this initial verification, the collected umbilical cord blood bags and the maternal samples will be physically examined for external damage (e.g. leakage, etc.) before it is sent to the laboratory for processing.

Before processing begins in the Pre-Processing Laboratory a Laboratory Technician will label the umbilical cord blood and maternal samples and verify the documents to ensure accuracy.  The Lab Technician also examines the contents of cord blood bag for visible clots and calculates the volume of cord blood in the bag.  When the samples meet our initial evaluation criteria, each collected umbilical cord blood bag, maternal samples, accompanying forms and processing kit will be placed in separate trays to minimise any potential errors during processing.

In the Pre-Processing Laboratory
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Visual check of the received umbilical cord blood sample. Evaluation of every umbilical cord blood sample and verification of documentation. Verification for visible clots in the Cord Blood Collection Bag.