Cord Blood Donation Process

The Cord Blood Donation process can be completed in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 :
Speak with your ObGyn (Delivering Doctor) on your intention to donate cord blood.

The condition of the maternal donor varies with every pregnancy. The maternal donor’s attending ObGyn would be able to advise parents if the current condition of the pregnant mother is suitable for cord blood donation. The attending ObGyn (or a midwife/nurse) will also be the person collecting the cord blood on behalf of the SCBB. Thus, it is recommended to discuss this with him / her.

Step 2 :
Contact SCBB at 6394-5011 for Pre-screening Evaluation.

A pre-screening evaluation of the donor eligibility will be conducted over telephone with a Donor Coordinator. Questions to ensure that the mother and infant donor meet SCBB’s established criteria for donation, including the birth parents and family medical history, will be asked. This will determine donor suitability before proceeding to the next stage of donation. The list of general eligibility criteria is available here.

After the pre-screening evaluation, SCBB Donor Coordinators would make an appointment with the baby’s mother for the Informed Consent Process.

Step 3 :
Meet SCBB Donor Coordinator to complete the Informed Consent Process. 

SCBB has strict criteria for donation to ensure that all cord blood units collected can meet the safe medical standards for future cord blood transplants. The Informed Consent from the mother is obtained from the 32nd week of gestation and before admission to the hospital for delivery.

The process facilitated by a Donor Coordinator could take 45 mins – 1 hour to complete, inclusive of a detailed and sensitive Maternal Risk Questionnaire. This questionnaire includes lifestyle, sexual history and family medical history of both baby's mother and father. The process would be done in a quiet area, away from the public to ensure confidentiality for mother and her family.

The steps above MUST be completed before the onset of labour or admission into hospital for delivery, so that you can focus on the safe delivery of your baby. We encourage you to make your decision early; we can guide you through the process of making that informed choice. However, appointment slots are limited, please inform SCBB early to avoid disappointment.

Unfortunately, making the decision to donate your baby’s cord blood after the delivery, or when you are in the Delivery Suite, is too late.