Options of Cord Blood Banking

Expectant parents may want to consider the following options before going into labour.

Donate Umbilical Cord Blood to a Public Cord Blood Bank i.e. SCBB. Public cord blood banks, such as the Singapore Cord Blood Bank, fulfil a social mission by collecting donated umbilical cord blood that would commonly be discarded. The stored units will be made available to any matched patient in need of a Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT). There will not be any charges for cord blood collection or donation of the umbilical cord blood to a public cord blood bank.  The consent and medical history screening has to be donebefore the delivery of the baby.  SCBB will not be able to accept any cord blood collected outside of our own process after the delivery of the baby and/or the collection of the umbilical cord blood.
Store in a family (Private) Cord Blood Bank. There are currently three private cord blood banks in Singapore.  They store the umbilical cord blood units for a fee and the collected umbilical cord blood is only for the family’s own personal use.
Save it for a sibling who has a medical need.  When a biological sibling has been diagnosed with a condition that requires a HSCT, and the mother is expecting a baby, SCBB recommends that parents save the baby’s umbilical cord blood for a directed donation.  If an expectant couple is under this category, please inform the biological sibling’s haematologist / oncologist for a referral to SCBB’s Related Donor Cord Blood Programme. SCBB is unable to accept directed donation without a referral.  SCBB should be contacted and informed of the directed donation between 28 – 36 weeks of gestation.
Do nothing. When the expectant couple chooses not to do anything with the umbilical cord blood after the birth of the baby, it will be discarded after the baby’s birth.

SCBB recommends that expectant parents carefully consider the options available and make that informed choice. That decision could help change someone's life!